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"Teenage Success – A book Review"

Source: Teenager – January 2003

Summary: A how to approach to tackling teenage problems


We often come across teen related problems exposed in the media, particularly incidents concerning teenage violence, including suicide. The underlying factor in all these instances is lack of communication and lack of understanding in various quarters, particularly within the family. Here is an unusual kind of book that wood help teenagers and parents alike to tide over many a crisis.

Published by Pauline publications, 7 Mantras for Teenage Success has been written by a student counselor who is able to empathize with both teenagers and their parents by virtue of the fact that she understands both inside out. As such, the case studies the author, Dr. Varkha Chulani, refers to in this book are, at first glance, commonplace and yet, significant enough to merit a closer analysis. Take the case of Deepak, gamely expecting all help from Rishi for completing his journal, his own laziness notwithstanding. How often do students not take for granted the effort put in by their classmates in completing the very “assignments” or “notes” they want to borrow just to finish their own without effort? Or take the one regarding parental refusal of permission for taking a holiday in Goa with friends. It’s an instance of temper lost, nothing gained. Or again, take the one about Ravi, the compulsive liar. How many parents really do bother to see and understand as to why exactly their wards lie?

If we do believe that a stitch in time saves nine, then what better way to begin the New Year than to resolve to mend all fences by means of a sincere willingness to learn from one another, particularly from our elders, backed, of course, by the use of common sense and tact on the part of both teenagers and parents.

The interesting text of this book is generously interspersed with equally interesting sketches by a young, upcoming artist, Puja Mehta. And don’t miss the expressions on the caricatures! As for the 7 mantras themselves, they are as follows: Don’t do tomorrow what you can do today, Master the art of studying, Score over exam anxiety, Choose the career you are chosen for, Don’t compete with competition, handle timidity boldly, and tame that temper. Sounds interesting? Then go ahead! Get yourself a copy  - You wont regret it.!

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