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The Modern Women is confused
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Varkha Chulani talks to WSP on her book 'For the Thinking Woman - Addressing 6 Common Feminine Concerns' and how today's women have to cope with a lot more than their earlier counterparts...
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SynopsisThinking Women

An absorbing book. An apt title – for the opinions shared herein are opposed to regular established doctrines or views. The language is forthright and simple bringing home messages worth mulling over. Each chapter follows the other in a logical sequence and concentrates on core issues the new age women would want definite perspectives on. Solutions are encompassed within every piece and the suggestions are practical and usable. For the Thinking Woman, brings up queries you may have had, but didn’t know whom to ask. Suffer no more. Your guidebook is here!


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thinking women
thinking women







If you wish to buy this book or know more about it, please email varkha@varkhachulani.com

Price: Rs. 150

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