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Teenage Success - A book review

A how to approach to tackling teenage problems...
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7 mantras book


A refreshing and unconventional approach to tackling teenage troubles! By using real life examples, the book helps teenagers easily identify and relate to the content matter. Common misconceptions are laid to rest in a style that is captivating and free flowing. Unique recommendations for dealing with exam tension, competition, laziness etc., generate curiosity to read further. Simple, yet effective language in a narrative form, keeps the reader engrossed. Neat and engaging illustrations accompany serious food for thought. Highly recommended for both the teenage and the parent!



"...Is excellent for teenagers and even for adults. I hope that you continue to write the book on this subject and that it does very well."

Albert Ellis, Ph.D., President,
Albert Ellis Institute for Rationale Emotive Behavior Therapy,
New York City, USA

"...I could actually live every moment! The thought process of the girl are exactly what I would think! Its so easy to understand and so simple to learn. It's very gripping."

Rima Chheda, 21 year old student

"...A boon to troubled parents and confused teenagers. A bright light at the end of a troubled tunnel, the book certainly helps understand and manage those teenage bugaboos!"

Madhu Banerjee,
Beleaguered mother of a teenager


If you wish to buy this book or know more about it, please email varkha@varkhachulani.com

Price: Rs. 60

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