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Moving or Not

What does moving on mean? It does NOT mean forgetting, nor does it mean shutting out of memory what happened....
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Case Studies

Divorced Lady


This lady was divorced with a three/four year old child. Had several issues with her mother and sister. Yet had to live with them. She experienced untold rage at them. Went into depression, would self destruct spending her money thoughtlessly, taking loans which she could not repay etc.

She came into therapy after she read one of my articles. Sought help for nearly three years. Reconstructed her outlook and today is remarried, more in charge of her life, holding a steady job, less self destructive. REBT (Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy) helped her reconstruct her faulty philosophy of living. It helped her be less needy for love. Taught her the philosophy that being alone does not equate being miserable. It helped her view herself with a new lens and gave her perspective to her problems.


I would like to tell you how much REBT has helped me and your role as a cousellor . I have never thanked you and expressed my heartfelt gratitude for your help and guidance. Today when I look back, I feel proud & happy to have met you and dont know how my life would have been without your help and guidance. I now have so much clarity and confidence in leading my life and most importantly living it happily and stressfree withouts the shoulds and musts.
I have now understood that it is important to deal with people as they are.