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The modern woman is confused
Westside Plus

In today’s day and age especially in an urban setting, women’s lib is something that’s considered dated as a concept So why is a book like you’re relevant and who is your target audience?

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Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (of which I am an accredited practitioner) is a type of Cognitive Behavior Therapy. It is more depth centered than CBT in that it believes that humans largely create their own disturbance by having faulty philosophies and attitudes of living. CBT focuses on misinterpretations of situations that a client may make and this they believe is the cause of their disturbance. While REBT holds that the main cause of emotional distress is not due to our interpretations but due to our questionable beliefs and evaluations about the circumstances in our life. REBT believes that humans learn and can therefore unlearn some silly, questionable ideas about health, happiness, success, etc. These questionable ideas when reconstructed lead to happier, healthier living and make us less disturbable. REBT believes that with the correction of faulty philosophies a person will get an added bonus in other spheres of life as well. The work is not limited to specific problem solving but to a retraining of philosophies for life!