Preparation for Life

There is many a slip between the cup and the lip.
Likewise there is many a gap between where you can be in life versus where you currently are. These could be in relationships, in your career, in your personal development,
or in any area that is important for you.

Learn, imbibe, apply, scientifically proven methods to help empower your way to health and happiness. 

Varkha Chulani
Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist & Enablement Expert

Services We Provide


Project You! The biggest impediment in your life yourself. Therapy releases you from self-imposed shackles. What i

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Mission Us! Relationships take work and effort besides, of course, time to build. Couples Therapy helps unite and see

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Duties Calling? Life is too serious to be taken seriously. Family and fun need to be synonyms. Through Family Sessions

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Pre-empt Heartache! Not knowing who you are doesnt make it easy at all to know what you want. Understanding yourself a

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Perfectly natural, rarely naturally perfect! Being terrified of what is an instinctive, natural bodily need - and then

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Working Together! Collaborating together allows for improvement that can sometimes be harder to do unilaterally. The o

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Give yourself Time to Grieve

Oh come on, move on. What are you making such a big deal of? Its only that youve broken up. Youre young. Youll find someone else. Be strong! Stop

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Brands Make a Man?

Dont judge a book by its cover for covers can often flatter to deceive! I wish the youth of today wouldnt use brands to flatter themselves or their

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Is your Man Off Sex?

REASONS The reasons for being off sex can be varied. Right from the physiological (but I wont get into that) to the mental. Psychosexual aspects u

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