Read your articles. You are fantastic! You are gifted, no kidding. A lot must benefit from them. God bless you, my friend!

- Ashok Salian, Photographer


I have never thanked you and expressed my heartfelt gratitude for your help and guidance. Today, when I look back, I feel proud & happy to have met you and don’t know how my life would have been without your help and guidance. I now have so much clarity and confidence in leading my life and most importantly, living it happily and stress free without the “shoulds” and “musts”. I have now understood that it is important to deal with people as they are.


I wanted to tell you that the sessions I had with you have been very helpful and therapeutic. I am more at ease now and have a devil-may-care attitude towards the things that I used to ponder over a lot, which were trivial and not worth thinking about. Also, I have started socializing more and have become more outgoing. I am no more agoraphobic. I have become more jovial and jocular and people find me extremely funny. I talk a lot and have made some good friends, while also having retained some of my older ones. I can handle most situations more adroitly rather running away from them. I have realized that bygones are bygones and one has to just move on for good. It's pointless to sulk over the past events. Besides, it just serves as unnecessary encumbrance. Also, a lot of introspection has answered many of my queries and doubts. I have started questioning many things and I accept only those that I feel are appropriate. I don't allow anybody to dominate me anymore and do not refrain from snapping back at those who try to be malicious. My mom has stopped making me dance to her tunes because I make my own decisions, but I also make sure that I am not rude to her at the same time. She and I share a better relationship now. Mom and Dad talk over the phone and they both seem to get along very well. Things are falling in place and everything is functioning smoothly. Life is become so much better and now, I can focus on my goals with undivided attention. I like the way I am and am happy with myself. If anybody wants to talk to me and be my friend, they are most welcome; if not, to hell with him or her. I don't care. There are my things to do, many books to read, and many different dance moves to learn. Who has time for arrant nonsense?

That reminds me how much your book fascinated me. It was worth reading, only the title was a little mortifying (since I am a man, people were wondering why I was reading For the Thinking Woman!) and people kept asking funny questions. Thanks for writing it and thanks for helping me to be a better person and solving my disorder. I really appreciate it.


Dearest, most respected and sincere Dr Varkha, 

It's just a small note and my way of telling you a big thank you for helping me out. Dr Varkha, you changed my life completely by removing off negativity from my mind, building my self confidence and most importantly, teaching me to love myself. You were so kind sympathetic and patient and answered all my silly questions with so much ease without making me feel awkward. I have immense love and respect for you and I will never ever forget you in my whole lifetime. I'm so happy I met you.

Hope God always protects you and your family and gives you immense success and happiness which you truly deserve.


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