Celebrity Marriages

 29 Apr 2018  259

Unfortunately, society teaches us to elevate and degrade people on the basis of their looks, wealth, achievements, etc. So what commonly happens is that film stars or models or sports persons, because of their high visibility, glamorous disposition, greater money earning capacity, etc. are looked upon as ‘higher’ than and ‘better’ than the common man and an aura or halo is placed around them. Having put them on a pedestal, it is then automatic to worship them and therefore anything that they do becomes fascinating for us. Also, we relish the fact that a celebrity is getting married because the ostentatiousness surrounding most of their celebrations can give us a vicarious satisfaction since we possibly couldn’t/can’t afford similarly. Plus, a celebrity wedding gives us a chance to look for faults, follies, and slip ups, that do happen in any mega event – it gives us a solace of sorts, ‘if these people could screw up, we can too’ since we are mere mortals and they, celebrities!


Source: DNA

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