10 Mar 2018  1609

Selective Choice Making! Looking for the ‘right’ ingredients that lead to KRAs being met can happen via judicious selection of candidates.


“It is character that sets the example and is imitated. Character is not something a man can acquire; if he does not bring it to the job, he will never have it. It is not something one can fool people about.” Peter Drucker

It is easy to decode on the basis of skill sets. It is very hard to read personality! Many time, potential employees are hired by only concentrating on skills; ignoring attitudes that the person will bring to the job. Getting along, cooperating, collaboration, steadfast and secure personas are equally important facets that the employer better focus on for individual effectiveness and organizational productivity. Heard of the term “difficult employee”?

Having an expert sit in on the recruiting process will prevent employee attrition and maximize costs incurred by the company in the development and growth of the people they hire.


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